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Importing vCards on iOS

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  • Importing vCards on iOS

    Hi, we have a web site that allows people to click on a link to a vCard .vcf file to install contact details on their phone. The method for handling this has changed in disney hub iOS 13 and it is really confusing people. Previously, the vCard opened in the Contacts app and there was a Save button to add it to contacts. Simple, and people understood it. Now the vCard opens in a preview, but there is no obvious way to save it to their contacts. They have to know to tap the Actions icon, then find the Contacts entry and tap that. Very few people can work that out, instead, they just tap the Done button, thinking it has been added. Adding a vCard to your contacts has become too hard for most people to work out.
    This could easiily be fixed by adding a 'Add to Contacts' button on the preview - and isn't this why most people will open a vCard in the first place?
    Does anyone know of a trick whereby we can skip the preview screen and open the vCard directly in the Contacts app?
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