WorldWind project shut down, this site probably will be too.

Hello all,

With the recent announcement that the NASA World Wind project has been shut down ( there is really very little reason to continue running this forum, and as NASA staff were providing most of the moderation and responses it will likely fill up with spam shortly.

Unless something changes in the near future, I will be shutting down as well as this forum, as it is no longer useful. Most of the data on WWC is referencing the legacy C# version of World Wind anyway.

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New Global Mapper Site:

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  • New Global Mapper Site:


    Just wanted to let you know that I have started a new site for Global Mapper.

    This came about as a result of reading this forum for World Wind and using Global Mapper for work and realizing that there wasn't a great support forum for that product (like this is for World Wind).

    I encourage you to stop by and register in the forum.

    BTW, I need to add that the developer for Global Mapper is an active member on the forum. Enjoy!
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    Global Mapper Forum:

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    Nice. Will have to check it out.

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      Cool, GM is a nice bit of software.


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        Yay for intermap ..
        Coding This and That in World Wind and helping new people out, as long as they don't pester too much.
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          Thanks for the replies.

          BTW, I'm trying to get the forum started. There is a special discount available right now on a upgraded license for Global Mapper if you register in the forum.
          Global Mapper Forum:


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            nice post, thanks for sharing..


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              I thank you for sharing the above information


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