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How to use WFS services in WorldWind 2.0 Java JDK?

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  • How to use WFS services in WorldWind 2.0 Java JDK?

    Hi everyone!

    Does anybody know how to use WFS services in WorldWind 2.0 Java JDK? My goal is to provide a functionality in my app to get features data (points, lines and multipolygones) from a PostGis database, visualize it in WW and modify if needed (change location of points, change shapes etc.).

    It seems that packages required for managing vector data through WFS services are out of the 2.0 version (There were some WFS supporting packages in 1.4, but not anymore). Does the 2.0 support WFS anyhow? Any external libraries needed?

    help would be appriciated.

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    I tried also to put 'back' WFS layers in WWJ. I think it has been removed because it is a potential overhead to load numerous vector features.
    You can try geotools to get to WFS features, but it's quite enormous, and you need to sttle a HSQL or Postgres database to handle the projections stuff (EPSG, etc...).
    You can parse simply the WFS stream with DOM.
    Good luck.


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      Thanks frenchy for your swift reply!
      Anyway, it is strange that such a major feature like WFS-T is not available in WW.
      I was going to use PostgreSQL + PostGIS to handle data storage, Geoserver for basic GIS services and Geotools library in the WW app.