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    Hello WorldWind,

    I've cloned the Android github repo and have the examples up and running using Android Studio no problem. Looks great! How can I run a WorldWind Android app using Offline locally cached maps mode similar to the Java API? I found this post on StackOverflow explaining how to use Offline mode in the Java API:

    That explains how to set a property in the properties file so that WorldWind will use already locally cached map data. Is this possible to do on Android? I saw on the WorldWind Android API documentation that setting can be set with a BasicLayerFactory:

    where I can pass in a String parameter "Offline" to use offline cached maps. I'm not able to figure out how to implement this class in an Android app because I don't to have that class in the project I cloned. I don't have the "layers" package at all.

    Is it possible to use "Offline" mode in a WorldWind Android app? Does anyone have an example? Thanks!