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    Hello WorldWind,

    I've clone the Android github repo:

    and have the examples up and running using Android Studio no problem. Looks great! How can I run a WorldWind Android app using Offline mode similar to the Java API? I found this post on StackOverflow:

    That explains how to set offline mode in the Java API. In the WorldWind Android API documentation, the BasicLayerFactory has a method to set offline mode config:

    createFromConfigSource(Object configSource), where I believe I can just pass in a String parameter "Offline" to use offline cached maps, "Offline" for layers that draw their data only from the local cache. I'm not able to figure out how to implement this because I don't seem to have that class in my project. I've tried importing it. I don't have the "layers" package or the BasicLayerFactory in the project that I cloned from the WorldWind GitHub.

    Is it possible to use Offline cached maps in the Android API? Does anyone have an example? Thanks!
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    Hello lmorda!

    Great news you got WorldWindAndroid running with Android Studio and the source from Github. This version does not have an offline capability yet. It is a feature we are working towards, but I can't tell you exactly when it will be implemented. Feel free to open an issue on the Github site with the feature request for an offline capability if you want to remind us

    The documentation you linked in your post is actually to a much older and abandoned port to Android. Links to the current Javadocs are available from the README of the Github.
    World Wind Team


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      Hello Developers,

      About offline nasa world wind in android

      Would you tell me where does the nasa world wind sdk caches the tiles when there is no internet connection, i need to add there my own tiles

      Or if there is no cache folder , where can i find the url from which nasa world wind fetches pngs to change it to my localhost url .

      Thanks in advance.


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        WWA doesn't cache to the filesystem yet.

        The layer source code includes the urls for imagery:

        Any WMS and some WMTS sources may also be added using the LayerFactory!
        World Wind Team


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          Just wanted to follow up on this question. Were you able to get a clear answer on how to cache tiles locally? or are you somehow using geoserver (or something similar) on your android platform? I'm not sure I understand Zach's answer to your question.