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We stuck in our project development, because basic features are still missing in WWD

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  • We stuck in our project development, because basic features are still missing in WWD


    We are developing complex multiplatform solution, based on all types of WWD interfaces and now we stuck in Android version development, because we can not implement following basic features:
    1) It is impossible to determine coordinates of intersection between camera view vector and terrain with altitude source enabled. Now it is possible only for zero level altitude. When cameraToLookAt will support option to intersect with terrain, not with zero level sphere? This possibility is a core functionality of user interaction with terrain. We even cannot define place where to create placemark correctly. Camera is looking on the screen center, but placemark is creating above the center on the terrain. Using pick instead of cameraToLookAt is not possible in this case, because pick redraw whole screen to determine coordinates, but we require to determine coordinates during WorldWindNavigator callback, to display them on screen layout. When we use pick, it makes recursive redraw.
    2) We are using placemarks as control points to change complex geometry, but placemarks are now rendered below the geometry and does not allow to select them by pick method, because geometry is close to camera. When will you implement possibility to define rendering order of entities like in Web version?
    3) We do not find how to simply determine altitude of terrain in specified coordinates.
    4) "Follow terrain" option of Path is slightly decrese performance of globe, but without this options clamped to ground path looks ugly.

    When they will be available according to your plan?

    Attached picture displays visualization of problem described in p.1. I have got lookAt coordinates based on camera, created clamped to ground placemark, but it is created above my cursor. Instead of creating directly on cursor.
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    You might need to fix it and submit back to Wwa somehow. We ended up adding enhancements ourselves then listing fixes although it was for a much older version. Our version has been available for several years and highly advanced. Good luck with your efforts!

    Tony Anecito
    Founder and President
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      Basically as mentioned elsewhere it may be months if ever they get back to this or anything else depending upon current focus. So big projects are at high risk using anything here unless you have resources to help them out.

      Good luck.