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Has development stopped or paused on the Android SDK?

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  • Has development stopped or paused on the Android SDK?

    I noticed that there hasn't been any activity in a few months on the Android SDK. Was just curious if development has paused or stopped for the time being?

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    Development of the Android SDK has only paused We've had a few different priorities pop up in the last few months, Android development will continue!
    World Wind Team


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      Thanks for the update. Looks like Google is now building their own Web Worldwind I suspect you are busy working on yours. It only works in Chrome right now but the images are stunning. From actual user experience the only way to compete is to have better imagery in a WMS. Internet users normally do not spend much time (2-3 min) in an app and the image quality is what they focus on. As I mentioned in another thread you need to move your more recent images from ALL your sats to a WMS. Most of your WMS images date back to early 2000 thus low resolution. The newer higher resolution images need to be on fast, reliable, available servers with high bandwidth.

      Good Luck,
      Tony Anecito
      MyUniPortal LLC
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        When do you plan to continue WWA development?


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          The activity with focus is in the resumed state; all other visible activities are paused, but not stopped mybkexperience.