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AI and WWA now working together for MyUniPortal apps...

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  • AI and WWA now working together for MyUniPortal apps...

    Hi All,
    We have just started testing our new AI embedded with our Android apps using WWA. The initial test results are quite promising and should be a huge hit for all our apps especially for our Mars and Venus apps.

    Since Jarvis is taken for a name we are thinking Pat or frenchy for names.
    More details as we rapidly expand our AI features.

    Many Thanks to the WWA, WWJ teams!
    Tony Anecito
    MyUniPortal LLC

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    How about calling it NoBones versus BoneBrain! Though if you could get the right slant to a beret on it, you could call it Frenchy! But, given we need more of the nurturing instinct, it might help to be called Mademoiselle CerveauX!


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      Or the "Brain". LOL do not worry I will not use Pat or frenchy those are way too sophisticated.

      Have a great weekend and keep warm.


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        Hi guys ! Sorry to join just now, i was puzzled with this new forum (where is the "What's new" button gone?) and i missed this one. I would be honored to have a software called "Frenchy" although I doubt it would help to sell it, It is just a just stupid login name I chose long ago, at a time I had no ideas and concerns at all. And I can't really see a relation with AI, deep learning, neural networks or stuff like that, my brain is currently just like a shrinked tomato... Are you willing to fill the gaps in imagery with surrounding cells, neighbors, ah ok I get it now, you want to explore Mars, Venus and see more precisely little green mens playing football (that's universal) in their craters and canyons ! :-) I can't participate, my 1To hard disk is almost full with WWJ data! For the moment, I just stay in France,Europe,Earth close to my fireplace (it has been cold few weeks ago but it's getting warmer now)
        Cheers to all


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          Hi frenchy!
          Yeah it has been below zero here for weeks. I was just leeting WWA know the next big thing I am working on and was thinking of names for my AI. I got sidetracked by something else that was important and added what I learned to another thread and let the WWA team know since it involves capabilities in the next release.

          Hopefully next week I can finish up what I started in the AI release. It is quite exciting.



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            Here be those Martians that Tony may well be running into, and given the mess Earthlings are making of Earth, they are encouraging us to leave them in peace, which is not exactly our style. Meanwhile, we need to get more moisture to Frenchy's tomatoes!


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              Just as I thought NASA was hiding them. LOL


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                Is it what Nasa has found so far :-) ?
                The '???!!!???' one is really human.
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