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there is a black screen for WWAndroid Demo

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  • there is a black screen for WWAndroid Demo

    I download the daylybuild and set it up on Eclipse.

    when i run the project on my device which is android 2.3.5, i just get a black screen.

    while I can see "WWAndroid Demo" text, and latitude and longitude.

    but there is no globe image at all.

    any help?


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    May be the set up is not installed correctly.....
    Remove it and install it again.........
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      Do a "Search" in the forum for "android".

      Android OS is up to 4.1 so your 2.3.5 may have different issues.

      The default image format is .dds which you may need to change to .png or .jpg or you may just get a black screen.


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        I can confirm the same issue


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          Re-installation will fix the issue.

          I had same problem and looked for solution for more than 15 days. But the solution was very simple. I just removed it and re-install, now it is working fine to me...
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            convert your dds file to png. There are app that can do that


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              You just need to modify the WW layer configuration files to request png or jpg rather than dds. For example, change the FormatSuffix field in the BMNGWMSLayer.xml file in the config directory from .dds to .png.


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                Hi guys. Unfortunately I don't have a nexus 10 to test, but I saw one from Bolzano province with kitkat and 3d was working. Do you have non-stock ROM, custom kernel,root or anything else? Are you connected to WiFi or via tethering? The wms should be seen on any device since it is downloaded as PNG, the Landsat is dds so it depends on dxt support of the device.
                Can you double check what mentioned above and give me a feedback?


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                  I am new to WordWind, having just tried using it in Android for the first time today, so I am really not sure what is going on. I get this same problem when using the Genymotion emulator using a Nexus S image running Android 4.1.1. The apps starts, I see "Latitude: off globe Longitude: off globe" and a black screen. I made the change to BMNGWMSLayer.xml to using .png for the FormatSuffix but it did not work. Why would this change be required anyway? Shouldn't the examples given to show how to use WW simply work and not require any changes?


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                    I noticed that when I tried the demo application this also happened. Whem I looked at the "paths" example it showed the paths, the layers, but the globe is black, though I can manipulate it.


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                      After editing the BMNGWMSLayer.xml file to change both <imageformat> and the <formatextension> to be image/png and .png respectively I tried running the two examples. The simplest example worked fine, but when I tried running WWAndroid I still had problems. After clicking around the screen I eventually had 1/8 of the globe show up, but that was it. A screenshot has been attached to demonstrate this behavior
                      Click image for larger version

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                        Change your tile format from .dds to .png or .jpg

                        see post #7 of this thread by tag


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                          i've changed format to jpg and it worked for me nox player for pc jiofi.local.html