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    I have found a URL API YEAH!


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      is this project still active? should I use the QinetiQ version instead? or both are not active anymore?!


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        Originally posted by borsightjohn View Post
        I have tested the current svn code on a few different devices and have the following suggestions.

        - Reduce the required sdk level to 10 (2.3.3+) The source compiles to this level and would allow use on more devices.

        - Set the default image format to png. Not many devices support dds, and switching to png would support more devices.

        - Follow the Android file storage practices and stores the tiles on the sdcard under /Android/data/gov.nasa.worldwind/files using this call:
        If you're using API Level 7 or lower, use getExternalStorageDirectory() to open a File that represents the root of the external storage, then write your cache data in the following directory:

        and set permission in manifest file <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_E XTERNAL_STORAGE" />


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          How do I disable DDS format and use png?

          I have a Nexus S, and a black screen on the WWAndroid demo. This post suggests I need to configure world wind to "force png" and disable dds format.

          How do I do that within the WWAndroid Demo project?

          I tried setting this within ElevationModel, but that had no effect.


          Originally posted by vash View Post
          It doesn't work also on my Nexus S (the screen stays black but without any exception or crash).

          Edit 2 : The problem on the Nexus S is indeed related to the dds format. I have modified the config file of the bluemarble layer to force png and now i can see the globe. It would be good to have a mechanism that check if the s3tc extension is available and if it is not disables the use of dds format.


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            HTC Inspire android gingerbread 2.3

            Installed and ran smoothly. Uninstalled due to lack of features.
            gsm forumSamsung galaxy ace


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              Nexus 7, Android 4.2.2 : ran perfectly, i'm curently trying to add an alternative to the icon layer by implementing texture mapping on square shapes. If every one have a better way to display icons on the globe. I'm here !

              BTW, good work ! And if one of your developpers could give us just a way to implement shapes or others things from the web java application to the Android app, we could work on it and share our contributions.


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                Dear all,
                I started to incorporate ww into my "Android EFIS for x-plane" app. runs perfectly on my nexus 7, asus TF300 and looks very promissing. Excellent work, as usual!
                Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-01-18-11-18-43.png
Views:	1
Size:	254.6 KB
ID:	110342
                I was just wondering how to port what was done for capcode (route and waypoint display) to this android app.
                I cannot find for example the IconLayer. Is there a roadmap somewhere, where I could find the timeline of implementation of missing items?

                Thanks again for this excellent project!
                c. rosay


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                  Originally posted by linnuxxy View Post
                  is this project still active? should I use the QinetiQ version instead? or both are not active anymore?!
                  It looks like neither version is active. The NASA WWAndroid project's last commit is in 2011, and the more recent WorldWindForAndroid hasn't seen a commit since November 2012. QGlobe source does not appear to be hosted anywhere, and is only available as the source dump.

                  The root project readme still prefers the WWAndroid project, but neither build out of the box currently. My experience is as follows: WWAndroid supports neither IntelliJ 13 or uses the latest Android ant tasks; WorldWindForAndroid throws a dex error while compiling from IntelliJ 13 or from Eclipse, but builds fine with ant and displays an all-black globe; QGlobe compiles fine and runs on a device but has errors on an emulator (likely due to settings issues).


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                    Is Worldwind Android going to be maintained like in iOS? As I see it is still very primitive.


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                      How do I access a surfaceImage?


                      I have managed to put surface images on to an Android world wind model but cannot see any way of accessing them using a touch screen method. Does anyone have suggestions?


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                        deatm002, Would you please create a new thread with your question?
                        WW Team


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                          Originally posted by dcollins View Post
                          deatm002, Would you please create a new thread with your question?
                          Sorry, my question is now at: