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World Wind Android development started

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  • World Wind Android development started

    As we've mentioned before, we plan to have World Wind running on Android within the next few months. We've started development and you can watch it happen. We'd appreciate your feedback. We've just started, so we merely have something that displays the globe with elevations, retrieves and caches imagery and elevations from the WW WMS servers, and allows you to manipulate the globe via a multi-touch interface. We've taken some liberties with the WW API in order to simply get started and to find optimal performance. Once we get farther along we'll know better how much we'll have to deviate from current interfaces. Our hope is, not much.

    The best way to see and try the work is to visit and review the information there.

    Please post questions specific to World Wind Android to this forum.

    The World Wind Team
    WW Team

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    Would it be easy for you to post a guide on how to develop WW Android with eclipse?


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      We'll post instructions for developing World Wind Android with Eclipse on soon. For now, please refer to the three links below:

      1. Install the Eclipse ADT Plugin:

      2. Create an Eclipse Android Project:

      3. Add worldwindandroid.jar to Your Project:
      WW Team


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        system requirements?

        What are the system requirements? It doesn't work (crashes right on start) on my LG Optimus One. Not a huge problem because I know this is a low-end phone, but it would be nice to know exactly what kind of devices are supported.


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          Originally posted by Marjan Sterk View Post
          What are the system requirements? It doesn't work (crashes right on start) on my LG Optimus One. Not a huge problem because I know this is a low-end phone, but it would be nice to know exactly what kind of devices are supported.
          It doesn't work also on my Nexus S (the screen stays black but without any exception or crash).

          It works fine on my Acer Iconia Tab under android 3.2.

          Edit : Maybe the black screen on the nexus s is related to the use of s3tc/dxtc (dds) texture compression? s3tc is not a common format in the mobile world, only nvida GPUs have support for it on Android. PowerVR and Adreno GPUs have no support for s3tc. The only common supported format is ETC ( but I don't know if the quality is good enough for WorldWind.

          Edit 2 : The problem on the Nexus S is indeed related to the dds format. I have modified the config file of the bluemarble layer to force png and now i can see the globe. It would be good to have a mechanism that check if the s3tc extension is available and if it is not disables the use of dds format.
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            I have a SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB P1000 with Android 2.3.3(Gingerbread).
            QGlobe runs smoothly.
            WWAndroid Demo gives me a black screen.


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              PKM format

              I have added support for the PKM format into WorldWind. This format uses ETC1 texture compression wich is similar to DXT1 but without patents problems so all OPENGL ES 2.0 android devices actually supports it. This a a RGB format, there is no RGBA format available with ETC compression. Otherwise the quality is good.

              edit : bug fix in
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                only for android 3.1+ ?
                my phone is 2.3. crashed.
                3.0~3.2 only for tablet..


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                  Android emulator problem

                  Hello. Can you please help me.
                  When I run the emulator(platform 3.0, 4.0 and API 11, 14 respectively) after installing the program and began her work, she falls with next messager in log

                  10-30 13:23:29.073: E/AndroidRuntime(703): FATAL EXCEPTION: GLThread 87
                  10-30 13:23:29.073: E/AndroidRuntime(703): java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No configs match configSpec
                  10-30 13:23:29.073: E/AndroidRuntime(703): at android.opengl.GLSurfaceView$BaseConfigC hooser.chooseConfig( 25)
                  10-30 13:23:29.073: E/AndroidRuntime(703): at android.opengl.GLSurfaceView$EglHelper.s tart(
                  10-30 13:23:29.073: E/AndroidRuntime(703): at android.opengl.GLSurfaceView$ ardedRun(
                  10-30 13:23:29.073: E/AndroidRuntime(703): at android.opengl.GLSurfaceView$ n(

                  What can it be ?


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                    HTC Inspire android gingerbread 2.3

                    Installed and ran smoothly. Uninstalled due to lack of features.
                    Good work! Please keep development going.


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                      re: Android emulator problem

                      Android emulator does not support shaders OpenGL ES 2.0.


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                        I have tested the current svn code on a few different devices and have the following suggestions.

                        - Reduce the required sdk level to 10 (2.3.3+) The source compiles to this level and would allow use on more devices.

                        - Set the default image format to png. Not many devices support dds, and switching to png would support more devices.

                        - Follow the Android file storage practices and stores the tiles on the sdcard under /Android/data/gov.nasa.worldwind/files using this call:



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                          I get it. Thank you.


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                            Any updates on the progress?


                            Things are kind of quiet around here. Any update on the status of the Android port? Very excited to see the initial capabilities on the tablet.



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                              I have a question, is there also a data api? So we could build our own android application? I have already made a "Solar Information" app and would like to expand it with some extra information.
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