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WWJ SDK Alpha 4 - 0.4.0 available

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  • WWJ SDK Alpha 4 - 0.4.0 available

    The World Wind Java SDK alpha 4 - version 0.4.0 is available.
    Download WWJ SDK 0.4 (Zip 6.5M) or try the java web start demo 0.4 from NASA Learning Technologies site.

    Here is a list of changes from the release package readme.txt:

    WWJ changes from 0.3.0 to 0.4.0
    • Annotations
    • Ability of app to interpose on mouse events (See examples.LineBuilder)
    • Network and host monitoring and status
    • Faster WMS capabilities parsing
    • Layer transparency fixed
    • Transparency added to SurfaceImage
    • ShutDown event
    • KeyPollTimer's timer cancelled at call to shutdown.
    • FlatGlobe promoted to main source (yet still partially implemented)
    • BMNGOneImage included in default layer list
    • Level 0 BMNG tiles removed from worldwind.jar
    • Use of new faster JOGL text renderer
    • View fixes
    • Internal refactorings to support various features
    • Many more, but these are the major highlights
    Also check WorldWind Java SDK home pages at NASA Learning Technologies and WorldWind Central.
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    I love the FlatWorld example, that's something I've actually been trying to do in my spare time!


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      Awesome You guys rock

      Thanks once again for the wonderful SDK. Your new examples help me directly on several of my current projects.


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        Switching between FLAT WORLD & ELLIPSOIDAL WORLD?

        I'm trying without success to switch from EllipsoidalGlobe to FlatGlobe on the fly... Is there a simple way to do that?

        I created 2 globes:

        private EllipsoidalGlobe ellipsoidalGlobe=null;
        private FlatGlobe flatGlobe=null;

        when I want to switch, I create a flat globe instance and I apply it to my wwd.

        Configuration.setValue(AVKey.GLOBE_CLASS _NAME, EarthFlat.class.getName());
        Configuration.setValue(AVKey.VIEW_CLASS_ NAME, FlatOrbitView.class.getName());

        this.flatGlobe = new FlatGlobe(wwd.getModel().getGlobe()
        .getEquatorialRadius(), wwd.getModel().getGlobe()
        .getPolarRadius(), wwd.getModel().getGlobe()
        .getEccentricitySquared(), wwd.getModel().getGlobe()

        this.flatGlobe.setProjection(FlatGlobe.P ROJECTION_LAT_LON);

        Result is very strange.... some layers seem to cause problems (stars, atmosphere, sky gradient..) some layers stay in 3D...
        Switching from flat to 3D is also problematic... my vector layers remain flat, etc...
        Nicolas Vila
        Geomatics/Software engineer
        Thales Services, Toulouse, France
        Formerly: EOLI project (ESA), Earth Online LInk


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          Flat globes are still in progress, only partially implemented. Patrick may be able to give you some advice on this, however.


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            You are ahead of us zecoyote! As tag says, flat world are not ready yet and i dint even try to switch between flat and ellipsoid globes.

            However, this should be possible but not the way you do it. Changing the configuration values does only affect WW when it is instantiated so changing them after that has no effect - i believe.

            I think you are missing a replacement for the orbit view too - flat worlds use a 'special' version of orbit view that is not compatible with ellipsoidal globes.

            Let us know - maybe in another thread, what happens with your experiments. I will be listening.
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              Thanks once again for the wonderful SDK.


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                Thanks caete. Note that the World Wind Java current version is 0.5 - and you may expect 0.6 before the end of the year...
                My World Wind Java Blog & Plugins page


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                  can we hold you to that?


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                    WWJ SDK Alpha 4 0 4 0 available

                    i thought suburban has enough left...

                    still waitin for the second release. any dates or even samples available yet?


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                      thank you a lot