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Release 1.5 now available

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  • Release 1.5 now available

    Release 1.5 of World Wind Java is now available at the following location:

    The release is also available from the World Wind 1.5 Subversion repository.

    See the Releases page at for a description of the major new features. See the README.txt file in the release for detailed descriptions of the differences between 1.5 and 1.4.

    There are issues running with Java 7 that are described here.

    Note that we have not been able to make this release run on Linux with recent versions of Oracle's JRE, both Java 6 and Java 7. Applications consistently crash the JVM. Stack traces -- when they are generated -- identify crash locations deep within the JVM code. If anyone can help us debug the problem, we'd appreciate it.

    Within the next week we will be updating the daily releases to the World Wind 2.0 release candidate. World Wind 2.0 uses JOGL 2 and thereby eliminates the incompatibility between World Wind and Java 7 on OS X.

    Please post any release issues to this thread.

    Thanks for your continued interest in NASA World Wind.
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