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  • KML

    We've added initial KML support. The KML entities that are implemented are:
    • KML Parsing (Pull parser, non-DOM)
    • KMZ
    • LineStyle
    • PolyStyle
    • IconStyle
    • LabelStyle
    • BalloonStyle
    • StyleMap
    • StyleURL
    • Placemark
    • Point Placemark
    • LineString Placemark
    • LinearRing Placemark
    • Polygon Placemark
    • MultiGeometry Placemark
    • ScreenOverlay
    • GroundOverlay

    The BalloonStyle implementation is simple and does not yet provide the full capability the spec describes (HTML5, JavaScript, etc.). The Polygon implementation does not yet perform interior tessellation. There are other minor omissions, such as overlay draw order, that we'll fill in as we go along. We're also analyzing and optimizing performance of the implemented features.

    Most WW shapes can now be captured as KML and there is a system in place for writing KML to files and streams, including Java's XMLStreamWriter.

    The KML example is KMLViewer. Please study it to see how you'd incorporate KML into your WW app. There is also a new collection of pushpin images.

    Please report problems you encounter with any of the above.

    Next up are:
    • Document, Folder and List/Tree view
    • Camera/LookAt, View behavior
    • NetworkLink
    • NetworkLinkControl and Update
    • Region/LOD
    • Model
    • TBD...

    Plus the inevitable (and interminable) cleanup.

    Thanks for your patience. This has been a long time coming. Many thanks to our sponsors for funding this work.

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    KML Viewer Update

    In the previous post, you talk about new objects that have been added in KML Viewer (LineStyle,PolyStyle, IconStyle, ...).
    Can we download the version you are talking about ?

    We contribute at some issues of the version in line in : (r15 to r21).

    But in this address, we can download a version about Oct 2008.

    Can you help me to understand your post ?

    Thansk by advance.


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      they've added kml support to the WWJ baseline.
      Your link is to a 3rd party resource not controlled by the WWJ dev team.

      Just download the newest WWJ src and you'll see all sorts of good KML stuff.