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Tactical symbol image (.png)?

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  • Tactical symbol image (.png)?

    Is it possible to get the image (something like a .png, or maybe exactly like a .png of a tactical symbol? I looked through the methods (for TacticalSymbol and Renderable) but there doesn't seem to one for this. I'd like to create an ImageIcon for use on a table with the same graphic I'm displaying for the symbol.

    To be clear, I'd like to pass WW a tactical symbol name, and be able to get the image it would generate, for other uses.I wouldn't want/need to specify position or text modifiers.

    This would need to be done offline, as well. I know there is an image generation website, but I can't use it.

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    Have you tried using MilStd2525IconRetriever? It can return a BufferedImage which can easily be written to a png. You need to make sure the is available.


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      This was a good suggestion, but I haven't gotten it to work yet. I'm gettting a SEVERE error when trying calling the retriever. "Icon component missing: fills/tacsym/-ua--------.png". I even tried hard-coding the path to the .zip file but I think it's finding it, just not finding something inside.

      Not sure what the problem is, maybe I have something out of date?