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Tactical Symbol modiers can't be changed

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  • Tactical Symbol modiers can't be changed

    We display a bunch of MilStd2525 symbols that are flying around. Therefore we need to update the symbol position and sometimes the modifier data that goes along with it, for instance Altitude or Speed.

    It seems that once you add modifiers to a TacticalSymbol renderable you can not change them. Even the clearList method does nothing. I was trying to be fugal and re-generate the renderable only as necessary. Our symbols update once a second and I was hoping reuse of an existing renderable would be faster than creating a new one each second, for every symbol.

    Just to be clear, my code was calling symbol.setValues(modifiers), where modifiers is an AVList that has new values every second. This appears to not work.

    I checked the status, and apparently this is still in the TODO column. Is that true? Any word on when it might be fixed? Thanks.