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    I am new to WorldWind and like to learn how to setup the server so the clients query the server for DTED. I have been reading many posts but getting confused between server and WWSK. On the main WW website, there is WWSK which I thought was what I need. But then when I read this thread (, it states that WWSK does not support elevation data. So, I am assuming the WWSK is to serve image data only. The same website (right below WWSK) states that NASA World Wind version 1.5.1 has the server bundled in it. Specifically, it states " This is a Java based map server supporting imagery and DOD DTED elevation data".

    So, I am assuming WorldWind Java 1.5.1 or later has both client and server in it. However, when I downloaded WW Java, I do not see the server folder the link above mentioned.

    Can someone point me to the location where I can download the server that can server DTED and documents on how to set it up would be appreciated.