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  • Place names served to World Wind client

    I'm trying to setup GeoServer to serve "place name" and "country boundary" data to my world wind client. After spending several days searching the internets I have not found any clear guidance on how to do so.

    Anybody in the community have experience in setting up Geoserver to serve "place name" and/or "country boundary" data and willing to share the knowledge?

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    OK, but tell us more about what have you done, what kind of data do you have (shapefiles? PostGIS database?), do you want to publish your data as raster (WMS) or vector (WFS)?
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      Hi. Just to clear up any confusion. I originally posted this under the guest username pozzy but have decided to register and now have the username potsee.

      My project manager wants our custom intranet WWJ application to contain placename and country boundary data similar to what is provided by NASA when WWJ has an internet connection.

      The imagery (landsat, blue marble, elevation) data was easy enough to gather and serve by using the BulkDownloader capability and dropping the directory in the WWJ wms server.

      The placenames and country boarders are whole other beast and to my knowledge can't be served by the WWJ wms server.

      My goals are:
      1. Find placename and country boundary data similar to what nasa provides
      2. Convert the data to a map server's native format and serve data to the clients over an intranet

      I am not a GIS specialist and having a lot of trouble finding material to get me up to speed with the formats and how to configure data to be served with a mapserver. I have found a dataset called vmap0 but again I do not know what needs to be done to serve the files with a map server to a WWJ client. Trying to use GeoServer but really just need any mapserver that can serve the data.


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        WW.Net got its placenames from here (according to wiki), I don't know if WWJ uses the same source. You may need to use QGIS and the CSV import plugin to convert those txt files to shp format.
        Boundaries can be found here (already in shapefiles).

        Geoserver reads shp files, so you just put those on your server and add them as a new datasource/layer (see GS docs).
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          Thanks for your response m_k

          I have turned my focus solely to serving placenames. I am trying to get a simple example working before I hunt down all the data I need. I want to be able to make WFS calls to GeoServer to retrieve placenames. I have tried editing the NASAWFSPlaceNameLayer class to point to my own server and changed the layer name to point to one of the sample layers provided by GeoServer. WWJ appears to be making WFS calls to my server but nothing renders on the Globe. I'm not sure what I have done wrong.

          These are my changes to The layer I am connecting to is a few points of interest in Manhattan

          service = "http://localhost:8090/geoserver/wfs";
          fileCachePath = "Earth/MyPlaceNames/WFSPlaceNames";
          placeNameService = new PlaceNameService(service,"tigeroi", fileCachePath,Sector.FULL_SPHERE,GRID_28 8x576,
          java.awt.Font.decode("Arial-PLAIN-10"), addVersionTag);
          placeNameService.setColor(java.awt.Color .pink);
          placeNameService.setMinDisplayDistance(0 d);
          placeNameService.setMaxDisplayDistance(L EVEL_M);
          placeNameServiceSet.addService(placeName Service, false);

          return placeNameServiceSet;


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            I am also trying to serve my own placenames. Did you figure out what is wrong with your code?


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              Sorry for coming to the party six years late, but how was this resolved?