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    Just wanted to follow up on the deprecation warnings. Most of them are very simple.

    In the various View Controllers:
    - "setContentSizeForViewInPopover" should be replaced with "setPreferredContentSize"
    - "contentSizeForViewInPopover" should be replaced with "preferredContentSize"

    In the main ViewController the CLRegion's "radius" and "center" have been deprecated
    - replace the following line in "handleGeocodeResults":
    CLRegion* region = [firstPlacemark region];
    CLCircularRegion* region = (CLCircularRegion*)[firstPlacemark region];
    The following link contains a section on "Deprecated APIs" that states:
    "The CLRegion class in the Core Location framework is replaced by the CLCircularRegion class. The CLRegion class continues to exist as an abstract base class that supports both geographic and beacon regions."

    The only other issue I'm not quite sure how to handle is a warning that states "unsequenced modification and access" in WWSphere.m inside the "tessellateSphere" method on the following line:
    *index++ = index[-1];

    By the way is there any sort of annotation capability being developed? We would love to be able to position text blocks of some sort on/over the globe. I don't see any way to do this currently. And it appears that even the PointPlacemarks have had the label removed.

    Thanks for all the work on this! It's looking great!