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    Thanks Omega! I've already implemented the roll view, but I'm still testing it. It's not stable and has strange behaviour in some cases. My implementation is almost the same like yours. But I don't the use the zoom right now. In spite of this I create a "Look-At" view transform looking towards the center of Earth.

    // Construct the model-view transform matrix for the specified coordinates.
    // Because this is a model-view transform, matrices are applied in reverse order.
    Matrix transform = Matrix.IDENTITY;
    // Pitch, roll, heading
    transform = transform.multiply(Matrix.fromRotationX(pitch.multiply(-1)));
    transform = transform.multiply(Matrix.fromRotationY(roll.multiply(-1)));
    transform = transform.multiply(Matrix.fromRotationZ(heading));	    
    Vec4 eyePoint = globe.computePointFromPosition(position);
    Vec4 up = globe.computeNorthPointingTangentAtLocation(position.getLatitude(), position.getLongitude());
    Vec4 lookAtPoint = eyePoint.subtract3(globe.computeSurfaceNormalAtPoint(eyePoint));
    transform = transform.multiply(Matrix.fromViewLookAt(eyePoint, lookAtPoint, up));
    To be accurate, we should rename roll to tilt, cause the roll is defined as the step value of the tilt. Like the yaw is the step value of heading.
    One more thing - I saw that your roll is arround the Z axis, but the heading too. Is this correct?

    Best wishes!
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      Originally posted by WindRider View Post
      One more thing - I saw that your roll is arround the Z axis, but the heading too. Is this correct?
      I believe I'm using Euler angles rather than Tait-Bryan angles (see, especially part headed 'Other conventions'). I tried rotating around Y as you have it, but for me it only works when the view is fully pitched.


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        Originally posted by dcollins View Post
        You'll find the updated BasicOrbitView in tomorrow's build. All properties should either have a public setter, or will be marked as protected.
        Thanks for that Dave. This is one of the things that frustrates me the most about the WWJ SDK; all the private methods and fields. I'm constantly moving a class out of the library into a local package so I can subclass certain elements. I've noticed recently that some of these are being fixed by making private methods and fields protected, such as the BasicElevationModel (and the BasicOrbitView above). However, many of the classes still need to be refactored (most notably for me personally are RectangularTesselator, BasicTiledImageLayer, TiledImageLayer, BasicRetrievalService). This would help greatly in being able to subclass these classes to add/extend features.

        Also, I'd love to see WorldWindowGLCanvas have a constructor that takes a GLCapabilities parameter, so I can create a GLCanvas with specific capabilities (such as double-buffered stereo).

        These things aside, it's a great pleasure to work with such a wonderful code-base. Well done WWJ team



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          BasicNetworkStatus - make it configurable

          I'd like to add a "me too" to Carmen's request in this post

          to make the test host sites used in BasicNetworkStatus configurable. I run worldwind apps on four different networks, some with Internet connectivity, some without, some with my own WMS servers, some without. BasicNetworkStatus is difficult to sub-class because of private fields and the class loader wants the sub-class in the same jar.


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            Proxy - filter by host

            Hey, while I'm on the subject, could we have a configuration parameter that tells WW which hosts are on the local network, and which hosts need a proxy to connect to?



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              KML/SHP file support

              I stupidly posted to a new thread just before I saw this one....

              KML/ SHP file support - in the core this year. It would sure shut up some of the Nay-Sayers. These formats are just too big in the world to ignore.

              GLSL Shader support

              This is some very cool stuff and some of the folks in this forum (Patrick, Omega, tve) seem to be all over it.

              Carroll Miller


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                Originally posted by patmurris View Post
                Features i'd like to see in the stable SDK :
                Core features
                • [...]
                • Support for different projections for the source images

                • A road map
                • Some 'real' documentation with architecture diagrams, code samples and 'general philosophy' description
                I fully agree with these propositions ! And I would add :

                Core features
                • full KML support
                • full SHP support

                • A real changelog
                • A real javadoc
                • SVN/git/... access


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                  We have initial shapefile support now. We're still working on performance and managing huge shapefiles, but the feature is working and available.

                  KML soon.


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                    Dear all,

                    Any latest news about KML support within WWJ?
                    There seems to be some mixed threads concerning KML in this forum, could anyone sort out the most applicable solutions to KML used with WWJ?

                    Thanks in advance.


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                      parse the xml and create wwj renderables yourself is currently the best solution.

                      there is also this: