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  • Desktop icon and new layers

    I'm a refugee from Google Earth, which has a copyright on images taken by U.S. government satellites. I'm not a developer so I know nothing about JAVA. After a lot of work, my wife and I were able to download WW and find an executable file to launch the application. But I'd like to be able to have a WW icon on my desktop as I do with GE. How would I go about doing that? And how can I add layers like I can on GE? Thanks!

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Google Earth, which has a copyright on images taken by U.S. government satellites. NO
    GE can pay to have aircraft take pictures and copyright those images.

    The best thing to do is search the forum for questions. Most that you have for several years to pertaining to WWJ has been asked and answered.

    Most executable files whether an exe or executable jar file just right click on that file and select send to desktop/ create shortcut.
    What OS are you using.
    There are examples in the SDK showing how to add layers, layer manager, etc..

    Trying the examples at this link should be interesting for you:

    For information about programming in java:
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      Very good! I will take a close look at the Layer Manager and "Installing images" this weekend. Thanks for your help!


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        Unlike Google Earth, World Wind is an API and not an application. Applications use World Wind to provide a geographic environment for their data and information. There are World Wind demos, and there is an application called Terramenta that might be of most use to you. See for more information about that.


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          Was a little disappointed with "installing images and elevations." The API can't download jpg images apparently. Also, I don't know what a "full pyramid" is. What I want to do is overlay a jpg or other standard image format on World Wind. The World Wind API seems to have a lot of the same functionality as Google Earth but it is far more difficult to set up, launch, save and modify. Perhaps there is someone on this forum I could hire to set up World Wind on my computer like a standard program that's compatible with Windows?


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            You don't need to hire anyone to do anything for you. The Examples that come in the SDK are very good. You could start with any one of them and use it as your 'app'. Any questions you have will probably have been asked and answered in the forum several times.

            You do need more time tinkering with NWWJ before attempting to add images, which do need to be geo-referenced like a geotiff or .tif image.

            "full pyramid" is created when a very large image is tiled.

            WWJ can download .jpg, png, etc.
            Your post could have been 'Can WWJ download .jpg"? Rather than "The API can't download jpg images apparently."
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              Hi eprobe,

              Try using Rolling Thunder Map app. The install has a desktop icon and more capability than Google Earth or the demo mentioned here. I am working on the mobile version now but I will consider new features/requests.


              support for feedback:

              I hope it works for you.


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                thanks for useful feature.