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    Hi all,

    I'd like to have your opinion about a quite new tool we can find on the web, which is Cesium, based on WebGL, and seems to be a good challenger for WW, at least for the web usage... For now, as far as I have tested, it runs only on Google Chrome, on Windows, perhaps on Firefox/Linux under certain conditions.
    It's all based on javascript, and for programmers it is quite a new "paradigm", it means we have to reprogram everything in javascript !! But is it worth ?
    I tried to compare WW and Cesium (see attached) at least in terms of memory usage, and I'm confused... Indeed the java is on top of the memory usage (127Mo), but Google Chrome is spread on several threads (or processors, or cores ?) and if i sum up all these little Chromes, i'm way above 200Mo...
    In terms of usability, Cesium is not as handy as WW, it is quite difficult to zoom rapidly, and i have doubts about the precision of the data/algorithms : Australia is not so BIG !! On the other hand, features are quite numerous (many examples..) but WWJ has many also...

    Any other element of comparison, thought/tests, is here welcome. Txs
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    It is an interesting app.

    I am biased after using WW and being able to modify it as I choose.
    Maybe Cesium could be changed also.
    They way the ISS can be followed without any noticeable jumping is good.


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      AGI has done a nice job with Cesium. Please let us know what you find in your analysis.