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  • Mars

    I would like to visualize Mars with THEMIS layers using WWJ and then display images on Mars' globe. Apparently, WWJ supports this feature and some Mars objects were present in previous versions but I haven't been able to find it in WWJ 1.5.1 (no example, no Globe object for Mars...). Is this feature still supported? Has it been removed from WWJ?


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    Seems that OnMars, OnVenus... jpl servers have been shut down. Try use mapaplanet instead (based on USGS)
    Search the forum for mapaplanet or mars, i posted some code in the past...


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      Thank you for your answer. I think I found the thread in the forum (, however the code you posted uses the gov.nasa.worldwind.globes.Mars class which I cannot find in WWJ 1.5.1. Has this class been removed?


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        Hi Anne-Claire,
        Did you "see the light" with your Mars problem ?
        (joke :
        More seriously, i figured out the program 'MultiPlanet' i wrote a few years ago, does not work anymore for the same reason :(
        Strangely, the planar WMS access in works fine, although based on the same server access (OnMars...) AFAIU,
        They must have some sort of cache ?


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          Hi Frenchy,

          Yes, a little light was shed on my problem
          Based on your "MultiPlanet" program, I was able to visualize Mars using the mapaplanet layers. I am still having some trouble with:
          - no elevation
          - no display of the layer on the bottom of Mars
          If I understood correctly the thread where you posted your code, I believe you had the same problems. Did you manage to solve them?

          Another point, I recoded the (Globe object for Mars) and a MarsElevationModel because I wasn't able to find it in WWJ. I am still wondering about this, why has it been removed?



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            No, i did not touch this program since then. I'm glad it is useful to somebody !
            No, I don't know why this has been removed (moderators?), i know there has been some budgets restrictions in USA agencies...
            Also, Mars is kind of strategic now !


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