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JOGL 2.0 refactorer, and NEWT support

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  • JOGL 2.0 refactorer, and NEWT support

    Hi all,

    We've recently been looking at updating our UI for our main 3D data viewer, which is based on the WWJ SDK (see here for more information). One of the decisions we've made is that we're going to switch to JOGL 2.0, mainly because of the better performance and flexibility of the NEWT framework (native reparenting -> fullscreen switch without losing GLContext!).

    We also want to stay up-to-date with the latest features being built by the NASA WWJ team. As such, I created an automatic JOGL1->JOGL2 refactoring utility, based on the Eclipse JDT libraries, which can take the WWJ source code and update/refactor it to support JOGL2.

    I've tested the refactorer with both the 1.4 release and the latest code in the SVN repository. To run, download the utility, unzip to a directory, and run the batch file with the WWJ SDK directory as an argument:

    refactorer.bat "C:\Downloads\worldwind-1.4.0"
    You then need to replace jogl.jar with jogl.all.jar from JOGL2, as well as updating gluegen-rt.jar, and all of the relevant binaries.

    I've also created a NEWT WorldWindow implementation which uses the NewtCanvasAWT as its superclass instead of the standard GLCanvas. You can find the required classes and an example in our git repository on the jogl2 branch here.

    Download the refactorer here: JOGL1->JOGL2 refactorer

    I'd love it if the NASA guys would consider upgrading the codebase to JOGL2. It would be a good start down the road of merging the Android and Desktop WWJ projects into a single codebase.


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    very nice,
    Have you tested the results?
    Hows the newt performance?