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  • Blue J Ide Related Java Project

    Hello All, I am a final year student and I am working on final year project to show some java project as a beginner level and I am trying to build web server management system and its main objective is to identify if the consumer is an individual, business entity or just another web server. Trace the physical location of the individual, business entity or web server. Consumer known security & privacy policy. Identify URL Authorities & URL Names but I am looking one more project to build up, Can anyone suggest me any beginner level free java project name or ideas?

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    Yes, I can suggest you below listed Java Projects for starting your career:

    1. Smart City Project
    2. Currency Converter
    3. Number Guessing Game
    4. Brick Breaker Game
    5. Data Visualization Software
    6. ATM Interface
    7. Web Server Management System
    8. Airline Reservation System
    9. Online Book Store
    10. Snake Game in Java
    To check the source code of these projects visits here.


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      It's great that you are trying some new projects on java. The projects you already have started are very impressive. Though I can suggest you some other projects ideas for beginner level.
      1. Bank Manager System
      2. Temperature Converter
      3. Super Market Biling Software
      4. Airline Reservation System

      To get more ideas you can check this.
      Need ideas for amazing java practice projects? Here are some fun & simple java projects for beginners in 2021 to build your programming skills.