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Developing NASA's mission software with Java

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  • Developing NASA's mission software with Java

    I read the article but I don't understand what the Netbeans Platform buys you guys. There was a lot of praise in the article but I didn't really get the why. What do you get from NB Platform that you don't get with Java/The SDK/JavaFX?

    I recently completed a 6 month development effort with JavaFX (sat com ground station health and status app) and I loved it. We also used WorldWind for heat map / coverage analysis. As a fan of JavaFX, I'm concerned about the low adoption rate. Eclipse being SWT based, IntelliJ/Netbeans/World Wind being Swing based, etc. I know it just recently became production ready with JavaFX 8 but still. What are your thoughts on Java GUI frameworks in general? More the merrier, competition is good? Is JavaFX really the future? etc..
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    Congrads on finishing your app! I used JavaFX a long time ago and bypassed NetBeans. Seemed just a plug by that group. Eclipse just had the libraries for browser capability. Basically seems swing and JavaFX are dead and Oracle charges a license fee so that really finished off a lot of people building java desktop apps. OpenJDK focused on Linux not windows so not sure if they picked up the java windows jre. Be interested to see if the "new" NASA WorldWind group picks up where the last one left off.