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  • 3D Models in WWJ...

    Hi All,
    Are there some FREE 3D Models libraries for WWJ and WWA?


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    Hello Tony,
    I guess you ask for something else than KML/Collada ?


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      Thanks frenchy! I am using that already but I do not think it is advancing anymore. Just before I switched to Mobile it actually went backwards and stop supporting many of the 3D models it used to do. That situation may have changed though.



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        Adanecito are you saying kml/collada support in wwj is not advancing or in the community in general? By switched to Mobile to you mean android and such? Thanks!


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          Years ago there was a project that I thought Collada was from that supported more than just Collada. The person who owned it stopped working on it and as WWJ started to move forward and updating some of its libraries Collada started breaking. The group that took over the Collada support decided not to fix the issues or advance the tool as the underlying dlls changed. Collada model itself did not break but obj and other models broke. Now I may be talking about a different Collada source than the one currently in use it has be nearly 4 years.
          Yes by Mobile I mean Android and such.


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            Someone I will do a demo to will ask about buildings so I am working on an answer for that person. They like what I did with WWA and WWJ so I am looking at WWA and the future of it for a meeting next week. They are only interested in Mobile. The fact they are Apple type people it is a good sign for WorldWind they even want a demo. They like the speed and true 3D on the Android since I spoiled them with my trek capability.
            Thanks Again.


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              Check out this thread and the linked Github repo


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                I imagine Google's sketchup would be most useful as there are a lot of GE models out there, or .3ds for the same reason.

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