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How to implement NetCDF file rendering

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  • How to implement NetCDF file rendering

    I need some help in understanding how to use WorldWind to render data from NetCDF files. There was a project called World Wind Geo back in 2008-2011 that did this, but I can't get any of the code to run now on Mac OS X Catalina or Windows 10. I've tried to comb through the documentation on how I can extend the gov.nasa.worldwind.layers.AbstractLayer class to implement NetCDF rendering myself, but I'm finding that the Javadoc lacks details on what the API methods do and how some objects passed as parameters are used by the methods. I would even be willing to consider extending gov.nasa.worldwind.layers.BasicTiledImag eLayer but the Javadoc doesn't give any guidance.

    Is there a guide somewhere on how to create your own multi-resolution tiled image layers? I'd like to load NetCDF data over the network and from a local file on demand. I'm familiar with the NetCDF API, just not the WW API.

    Or is there maybe a higher level API in the gov.nasa.worldwind.render package that's better to use?
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