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Launching worldwind demo shows black screen with no globe

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  • Launching worldwind demo shows black screen with no globe

    Hi all,

    Launching NASA's demo Scankort Denmark Data just shows a black screen with stars where I assume the globe should be. I'm guessing this is due to artifacts not successfully downloading. I can see a "Downloading" text in the bottom right, but leaving it for a while doesn't seem to do much. Zooming out will show the globe. I am using version 2.2.0 and Java 11. I just updated my Graphics Drivers to the latest version. I also looked at In particular, I looked at the first problem where I think my problem may lie on Map Layers not downloading. Using Eclipse and WorldWind Java, I do not see a HTTP 301 error displayed in the console output.

    After leaving it for about 3 minutes, I get a bit of landscape to load. See 2nd picture. Surely it should not take this long to download (I have 100mb/s download speed), I have WorldWind2.2.0 downloaded on my PC, is there a way for it to use artefacts from there (if it has it), rather than downloading from the server.