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Large shape file issues

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  • Large shape file issues

    TL;DR: Big shape files, lots of polygons, how to display faster? And how to use elevation data?

    Hope someone can point me in the right direction. I have some shape files Iím trying display. I used some of the WW examples and have code that creates layers to display the shapes. This works.

    However, the files have a lot of shapes in them. One has 50,000+, the other 70,000+. This creates a bunch of polygons, which slows things down a lot.

    I tried to instead add the created polygons to a SurfaceObjectTileBuilder, but havenít been able to get that to display anything. Not sure if this is a valid approach.

    Finally, besides just displaying them, Iíd like to add them to the elevation model (or something), so that I can use the elevation data, at least internally. If I query the elevation at that point, I would get the shape altitude, not ground altitude.


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    This is one of those solved my own issue things. I looked through more of the examples and found one using a ShapefileLayerFactory. This is much faster than reading through the file myself and creating a line or polygon for each thing in it. This was called "" in the examples directory.

    I still need to see about using the elevation data.