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Using OpenGL4 for Custom Renderables

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  • Using OpenGL4 for Custom Renderables


    i am currently trying to display Pointclouds in WorldWind. I used OpenGL4 earlier to render them. Now i tried to use my previous Code in WorldWind but my screen is just black and i cant see anything. I read the Tutorial on how to implement a Custom Renderable and adjusted my Matrices accordingly. But i am not quite sure how i should manage to save and restore the DrawingState of WorldWind or if i even have to do that with OpenGL4.
    Has anyone one ever tried to Work with OpenGL4 in WorldWind or is it not possible and i have to use OpenGL2?

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    Ok i found out that if i unbind my Program(gl.glUseProgram(0)) at the end of the method that draws my Object i can actually see the standard layers of WorldWind. That mean the stars, city names etc. But i still cant see the Globe.