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Using a WorldWind WMS Layer in Geotools

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  • Using a WorldWind WMS Layer in Geotools

    Hello, I'm new to this forum as I've just recently been assigned to a WorldWind related project with no training so let me know if I need to spend more time refining my question, I apologize if it's too vague. I am working on a large Java application that generates a world map using GeoTools. The map can be moved and scrolled and has a number of layers in the form of .shp files that outline states, territories, soil data, etc. Until recently we've been using the USGS TopoMap imagery as our imagery layer but it's been too slow for our users so my boss wants to move to WorldWind imagery (specifically the blue marble imagery as the outermost imagery and moving to the bing satellite imagery as it gets closer) as a similar program to ours uses it. However the other program uses the WorldWind libraries and classes (Layer, RenderableLayer, NASAWFSPlaceNameLayer, etc.) which aren't related to the GeoTools layers in any way. Both seem to support the WMS format but when I try to use the blue marble layers I've been able to find both in the other program's code and through research online, GeoTools rejects them for a number of reasons. I am wondering if I could get some help generating URLs to WMS layers for the blue marble imagery. I only graduated recently and there are no available programmers in our unit who have worked on the map code so it fell to me. Does anyone have any experience using the WorldWind imagery in GeoTools or be able to help me find the correct URLs for blue marble WMS imagery? The closest thing I was able to find through research and just trying things out was the following:,90&STYLES=

    However, this just returns an image which GeoTools doesn't recognize as a WMSLayer. Again, I apologize for the very wordy and open-ended question, I'm not trained in imagery or GIS and I'm looking for guidance on how to move forward with this project, it's much larger in scope and much more specialized than anything I've had to do thus far and there's not any senior programmers in our department I can turn to for help. Thanks for reading and thanks for any help or advice you can provide!