I add a .dae object in a WorldWindGLCanvas but it is not displayed correctly, some shows them without color and others with color faults.
My code is the following:

Object obj = new File("Collada/collada_models/Reciprocating_Saw/Reciprocating_Saw.dae");
ColladaRoot colladaRoot = ColladaRoot.createAndParse(obj);
colladaRoot.setPosition(Position.fromDeg rees(19.199838, -96.132488, 50000));
colladaRoot.setAltitudeMode(WorldWind.RE LATIVE_TO_GROUND);
colladaRoot.setModelScale(new Vec4(1000));
ColladaController colladaController = new ColladaController(colladaRoot);
RenderableLayer layer = new RenderableLayer();

Am I failing something? Or how should such objects be .dae?