WorldWind project shut down, this site probably will be too.

Hello all,

With the recent announcement that the NASA World Wind project has been shut down ( there is really very little reason to continue running this forum, and as NASA staff were providing most of the moderation and responses it will likely fill up with spam shortly.

Unless something changes in the near future, I will be shutting down as well as this forum, as it is no longer useful. Most of the data on WWC is referencing the legacy C# version of World Wind anyway.

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Understanding View Concepts

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  • Understanding View Concepts

    I am not a graphics programmer. I have inherited a mess of an application that uses WW 2.1 for display and I'm struggling with the concepts.

    BasicOrbitView is being used to show a simulation involving satellites.

    I'm trying to understand:

    Center position: this is the center of the view? what is altitude 0? the surface of the Earth? so to do an Earth-centered view, i'd want to set the altitude to the Earth radius?

    Eye position: this is the place where my camera is located? and it always looks at the center position?

    BasicOrbitView: what is its purpose? it seems that it wants to look down from space onto a point on the Earth's surface. left-click the mouse chooses that point as the new center point, and so the eye position always wants to look there?

    heading, roll, pitch: what are they relative to? i mean, i only think of them in relation to an aircraft. i don't quite get what they mean to me in WW.

    thanks for any help. i read the code, but if i don't understand the concepts, the manipulations mean nothing to me. and tragically, i'm using a giant application with a lot of extra "stuff" (to be polite), so it is REALLY hard to experiment.