I am not a graphics programmer. I have inherited a mess of an application that uses WW 2.1 for display and I'm struggling with the concepts.

BasicOrbitView is being used to show a simulation involving satellites.

I'm trying to understand:

Center position: this is the center of the view? what is altitude 0? the surface of the Earth? so to do an Earth-centered view, i'd want to set the altitude to the Earth radius?

Eye position: this is the place where my camera is located? and it always looks at the center position?

BasicOrbitView: what is its purpose? it seems that it wants to look down from space onto a point on the Earth's surface. left-click the mouse chooses that point as the new center point, and so the eye position always wants to look there?

heading, roll, pitch: what are they relative to? i mean, i only think of them in relation to an aircraft. i don't quite get what they mean to me in WW.

thanks for any help. i read the code, but if i don't understand the concepts, the manipulations mean nothing to me. and tragically, i'm using a giant application with a lot of extra "stuff" (to be polite), so it is REALLY hard to experiment.