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Surface Shapes have poor performance close to ground

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  • Surface Shapes have poor performance close to ground

    post87258 says that the rendering performance near ground is a known issue and will be fixed soon. That was in 2009. I'm running into this issue (using v2.1.0), and have had difficulty in finding any newer information about this. Was this fixed? Is the cause known? What can I do to improve performance?

    All shapes are rendered in the same Renderable layer, SurfacePolygons, Paths, and PointPlacemarks. I have fewer than 100 shapes, yet the frame rate drops significantly when I zoom in at an angle lower than 2000km altitude.

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    In my experience it is because of the GLUTessellator. For some reason at really close distances it leaks a bunch of half edges and gums the jvm up. Just tested to make sure and the jvm ran out of memory. I've not had that experience with paths but haven't used them in a long time.

    I'm working on my own java tessellator implementation for a WW based project using this as a starting point.