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Starting point for cross-platform UI development?

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  • Notuwi
    started a topic Starting point for cross-platform UI development?

    Starting point for cross-platform UI development?

    Hey everyone!

    I recently started building a prototype application using WWJ. Essentially, we want to draw stuff on a globe, so I kind of assume that I can't really do wrong with WW as a framework. One point that spoke in favor of WW was that there is an android framework available, potentially enabling us to later port the application to mobile devices. While that's far behind the horizon (if at all), I'd of course keep the application as portable as possible right from the start to avoid any issues with a mobile client later on. And this is kind of where I'm a little lost now. I want to avoid programming the same UI twice, so I really don't want one android ui and one AWT ui project where I have to code everything twice. With stuff like the LayerManagerLayer, the CompassLayer etc., I assumed that there'd be some kind of bare UI framework in WW available, but it seems that those items are all hand-crafted (with e.g. the LayerManagerLayer drawing boxy characters for checkboxes, checking for clicks manually etc.). Now, before I fork WWJ and start coding some rudimentary UI elements myself I just wanted to ask if there is something I'm missing here. How would you deploy a cross-platform WW application with UI elements?

    Thanks in advance

  • zoziano
    theres a servel sites

    Ccleaner Happy Wheels VLC
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