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How to change cache disk for specific layers ?

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  • How to change cache disk for specific layers ?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying (programmaticaly) to change cache on a per-layer basis, because my external Tera is full!!
    I tried to add a DATA_CACHE_DISK AVKey variable to stand beside the DATA_CACHE_NAME one,and concat them, but fell into problems (the desc .xml was on a disk and the tiles on another!), and it forced me to hard-code some "F:" or "D:" which is not good.
    I'm aware of the ALLUSERSPROFILE system variable, but this one is for all layers, in fact for all the system if defined, otherwise it goes to '/var/cache' on Linux, "...Application Data" on Windows, something else on Mac... I would like to simplify all this and extend it on a per layer basis, even if it forces to change a lot the xml layer files. I've seen also the "fileStoreLocation" variables but again it seems to be unique per session/system.
    Any advice ?
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