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  • Blur display problem

    Hi all;

    I am new on using Nasa Worldwind Java. I am using Nasa Worldwind Java 2.0 version.

    We are displaying a vector map from geoserver and also some surface objects such as SurfacePolylines. Displaying of these data are different in different scales. Some bluring problems occur.

    For example in one scale displaying borders of the vector map from geoserver is clear and smooth. If we zoom-in a little bit, then borders becomes a little thicker and blury. Then another zoom-in operation makes visualisation better.
    Same condition also valid for surface polylines. In some scales the visualisation of surface polylines are clear and good. But in some scales lines of objects becomes thicker and blury.
    Can you help us to display these objects in better quality in all zoom levels?
    Thanks for your attention

    Best regards

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    Hello and welcome,
    For the general bluriness problem, there has been many discussions on this topic, check the forum for "needToSplit". It is a hard problem, because the ideal solution must be valid in all projections (round, flat... calcultations are not the same), layers don't have the same numbers of levels, tilting the view does augment the number of tiles to be downloaded, also if you download precise tiles at high altitude, it raises the number of tiles, the download process is stuck, and your hard disk is getting filled rapidly. The solution must be a compromise.
    For "client-side" objects such as surface polylines or shapes, I don't get the bluriness you say to have, and the online example ( looks like Ok on that... No ? I remember another example where there was a slider able to act on the LOD (level of detail) on each object (cylinder, ellipsoid,...), you'll find it in the sources probably.
    Good luck