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WMS tiles with a pink hue?

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  • WMS tiles with a pink hue?

    Hoping somebody else has seen this before -- I am attempting to load data from a new server, and the tiles are coming up with a pink hue. The details of the imagery are correct, but the color is bright (bright!) pink. This server is serviing up WMS 1.3; I have only connected to 1.1 previously.

    A google search yielded a bunch of hits on all-pink tiles with no detail....but I haven't seen anything describing a problem with images being pink-ish.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Check your disk cache. If the tiles stored there have the pink hue, then it is a server issue. If not, post it here or GitHub and I'll give it a test later this week.
    World Wind Team


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      Thanks for the tip -- the tiles were stored in a pink hue. For whatever reason, the WMS server I am using provides .DDS tiles in pink; when I changed the image format request to .png provided a more reasonable color.