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  • Vertical Image

    Hi WW Devs and Users,

    We work on Java SDK platform.
    Our aim is to display a vertical image. We imagine to plot/map Image on vertical plane (Vertical curtain for example).
    Is anybody have ever done this ? Can you indicate us the way to do this ?

    Thanks by advance.


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    Can you describe with more details what you want to achieve? Do you need your image to be perpendicular to the ground? Should it be a fixed size or should it grow when the eye is far away so as to keep the same apparent size like annotations do?, should it be always facing the eye - like a billboard? What happens when you look 'behind' the image?...
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      Vertical Image

      Hi Patrick,

      Ours images have to be perpendicular to ground with a fixed size.

      The image can be seen on the two sides as an image mapped on a transparent surface.

      It is positionned with Lat/Lon/Height of the plane corners .

      Thanks again.


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        What kind of application is that?
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          Something like textured LineFeature? but this is for the .Net version... :(

          This could be quite useful in WWJ too - e.g. displaying vertical cloud profiles (from to
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            Yes i can imagine many applications - just curious which one glu29 is interested in... in case there are other alternatives.

            I don't think we have anything like that in the SDK right now.
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              Yes M_K has well understood our needs. We want to map submarines Plume data (and if possible, by dynamic viewing to scroll images). The examples he gave, are very interesting.

              The SimpleLineFeature from Nasa Dotnet is the concrete realisation in NASA WW environment. Do you know if the equivalent will be featured in next SDK releases ?
              Is there possibility for translate the object in DotNet towards the Java one ? And how is it possible to code this in Java ?

              I put an example of Data we want to plot vertically. Two problems persist :
              - transparency of Nan Values,
              - and the Most important : it is DotNet Version.

              VoilĂ* !!! That's all.
              If you need more information ...
              Thanks by advance. Best Greetings.
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                I don't know of any plan to add this particular feature to the SDK in the near future, but it would certainly be useful.

                Coding an OGL textured vertical plane like that is rather easy though.
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                  I retain the idea of creating objects OGL.
                  But I still see the possibility of doing vertical images.

                  I found your discussion on KML Viewer (

                  Do you think that his format may solve my need?

                  Thank you.


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                    The code posted in this thread was not working properly to draw a 'curtain' and did not handle txturing either, but it could be adpated. You'd better write your own renderable to that effect.

                    There are a number of examples of gl primitive rendering with textures in the SDK that you may use.
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                      Here is some simple code for a vertical textured quad:

                      Merry Christmas
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                        Vertical Image - Success ...

                        Thanks, Pat.

                        Good World Wind Year ...

                        We are working on your contribution. It seems to be useful.
                        I'll give you information about success.
                        There is yet some "problems" ... but not for long time, I hope.

                        Best greetings.


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                          Thanks Pat

                          We manage to plot Vertical Image over the seabed as we wanted.
                          Thanks to your class you send, we 've created an interactive animation between Vertical Images and NWW Java.

                          The images are indexed and not loaded in virtual memory so the animation is fluide.

                          Here an example of our work and your contribution.

                          Thanks yet.

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                            Glad to hear you used the provided example code. It's not obvious what is seen on the screenshot though
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