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How to setup WWJ

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    Take a look at the config file and read the comments at the top.
    ... \src\config\worldwind.xml

    If I understand your post correctly you are just trying to make a regular java app rather than a plugin. If so then why would "we do the setup in the Activator of the plugin:" would even be necessary??

    7) Using a custom worldwind.xml configuration file
    In order to use a custom worldwind.xml configuration file, we do the setup in the Activator of the plugin:
    Do a search in the forum for " worldwind.xml".
    This is a way to set preferences when a WWJ app is started.


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      Originally posted by vhoriks View Post
      If I create a java project and add WorldWind to the build path, could I use custom configuration files? How?

      I'm trying to to do the equivalent of this (step 7), but in a plain java project:
      "File->New->Java Project",then browse the wwj directory for the location ,then you can add the wwj project into your workspace.
      If you want use jar files build from wwj,you can create your own user library.Follow steps below:
      1)Window Menu-->Preferences;
      2)Java -->Build Path-->User Libraries
      3)Name your user library,then add jar file into it ,such as worldwind.jar,worldwindx.jar ect.

      I hope this will help you


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        Thank you for your replies.

        Let me clarify what I meant. I create a new java project and add WorldWind to the build path, as per the instructions in post #1 in this thread.

        Now I would like this application to use it's own set of configuration files, however it looks like it was just as simple as copying the src/config from WorldWind to the new project, and these files will automatically be the ones used for configurations.


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          in a static context before you create the worldwindow you need to set this:
          PHP Code:
          System.setProperty("gov.nasa.worldwind.config.document""PATH TO YOUR CUSTOM worldwind.xml");