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WWJ SDK to the abstract JOGL to make a map server ?.

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  • WWJ SDK to the abstract JOGL to make a map server ?.


    Has anyone seen or know of an application that acts as a map server (such as a WMS type of server) built on top of WWJ SDK? I know there are many open source implementations of map servers, including WMS type servers (eg UMN MapServer).

    What I'd like to do (for work reasons) is develop a map server for commercial use, based on JOGL, but if possible, use WWJ SDK to abstract JOGL. If you think the LGPL licence is a limitation of WWJ SDK, then do you know of another API for 2D (or 3D) graphics based on JOGL? It would be nice to have an API that already has graphics primitives and projection capabilities in a friendly package (something higher-level than OpenGL type calls). The clients will be light web browser clients; want to stay away from JNLP/applet implementations (heavy clients).

    If you think Java3D is good (from your experience/knowledge), I'd be interested in your feedback, too. But like I said, was hoping WWJ SDK can be a good API for this purpose.