WorldWind project shut down, this site probably will be too.

Hello all,

With the recent announcement that the NASA World Wind project has been shut down ( there is really very little reason to continue running this forum, and as NASA staff were providing most of the moderation and responses it will likely fill up with spam shortly.

Unless something changes in the near future, I will be shutting down as well as this forum, as it is no longer useful. Most of the data on WWC is referencing the legacy C# version of World Wind anyway.

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run worldwind on raspberry pi 3

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  • run worldwind on raspberry pi 3

    hello guys
    i worked on wwj for desktop application, and i like to use that on raspberry or another cheap arm board;
    i use jogl native for arm(armv6hf) but this make error and not working.
    error message :Exception in thread "main" Profiles [GL4bc, GL3bc, GL2, GLES1] not available on device nullat Func(

    i found one topic whole this problem, but i dont found any answer ?
    topic address:

    so please help me...i dont know what to do anymore

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    i'm so sorry, i must ask this question in developers...


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      why no one answer this question? am i do somethings wrong?