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WWA App released takes planet exploring to new levels...

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  • WWA App released takes planet exploring to new levels...

    Hi All!
    Last weekend we released updates to our Android WWA apps to take our user experience to a new level. Previously you had to create an gpx file to use our flyover capability taking time and energy. Now you can create by yourself on the fly accurate lines or Treks as we call them and save them for flyovers. So in less than 30 seconds you can fly over any planet (Earth, Mars, Moon and yes Patrick, even Venus) on any path you design. You can save it if you like to show friends (even NASA folks) and family.
    We will be enhancing this new ability and adding more new features (yes even boring Mobile infrastructure ones, lol).

    Sorry, no pictures (static images do not do any justice to WWA or MyUniPortal) but I will create a new video and add it to our website with the new feature in the near future.

    Best Regards,
    Tony Anecito
    MyUniPortal LLC

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    Where's the video of the Venus-revealed fly-over ^under^ that CO2 blanket surrounding her and keeping her so warm! ~1000 degrees F

    We're still in the early stage of our CO2 blanket, but we're making ^great^ progress. Too bad there is no life to that place where we are going.


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      Hi Patrick,
      I will add a video just taking a break after working 16hr days seven days a week. I will be adding another announcement today that you will like.



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        How many weeks for you now at that pace?
        I do about 45 to 48 of those every year now for the past five or so.
        But don't mind the wait for something as sweet as Venus revealed!


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          Just the last month and a half. Part of being with a aggressive agile company. The results are well worth it!