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WWA App released with new AI...

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  • WWA App released with new AI...

    Hi All,

    Over a week ago we launched all the MyUniPortal Android apps using WWA with our new Auto Adaptive Algorithms (Triple A or T-A) focused on reducing usage of resources such as power and CPU. After a week of usage with no issues and great feedback from users with resource constrained hardware we are pleased to announce it has been a success even after adding more layers of info from USGS which was a great test that had issues till we added the new capability. We will continue to adapt and enhance our capabilities and our next enhancement will thrill all our users in a week when released.

    Many thanks to USGS and WWA!!

    -Tony Anecito
    MyUniPortal LLC

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    How about a few screenshots of some cool uniportal stuff!


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      The AI is for Mobile infrastructure so nothing to show there. But as I hinted at the next one will be a big hit on all the apps and will evolve then I will have more cool pictures at that time.

      Thanks for asking!