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  • World Wind non profit Naming Box

    This discussion has been going on on the worldwind-dev mailing list for a bit:

    also, their is a new mailing list opening up for the non profit (for more information on this, check the archives of worldwind-dev). If you'd like to be a part of the non-profit we're forming, please join the new non-profit oriented mailing list.

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    And for those too lazy to post the current list of names Or wanting to read archives to find them...

    Consortium of World Wind Developers
    World Wind Users Group
    World Wind Users Anonymous
    World wind Software foundation
    World Wind group
    World Wind Foundation
    World wind Developers Foundation
    World Wind Organisation of Open Source Helpers
    Foundation for the betterment of World Wind
    Consortium of World Wind Developers
    World Wind Users Group
    World Wind Developers Foundation
    World Wind Global Imagery Foundation
    World Wind Research Group
    World Wind Developers and Users Consortium
    The World Wind Global Imagery and Software Foundation
    World Wind Research Center
    World Wind open research group
    Free Earth Foundation
    Open Earth Foundation
    The World Wind Community Organisation
    The World Wind Foundation
    World Wind Imagery Foundation

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      The un-official name of the Non profit (it has yet to be officially registered) is:

      "The Free Earth Foundation" (and .org).