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    Hi there,

    A discussion have popped up on the WorldWind Github site about a potential community fork (see issue #77). The NASA guys made it clear that WorldWind is an open-source project, but is closed development. Pull requests are accepted sparingly. I think this is understandable as they need more control over the code base and work according to their own processes. However, I think a lot of useful community code is lost in the forums as no-one have deemed it necessary to merge it into the main code-base (or it might still be too unstable to be merged into the main code-base, or it might not fit into the main code-base). There is perhaps room for a more feature-rich (potentially unstable) community version of WorldWind where all of the latest nice-to-have features have been merged. The community version will have to be a fork of the main code base at: so that upstream fixes / changes can be pulled down when necessary. Let's discuss this and find out if there is a need for a community version.

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    Wiehann, Howdy!

    This is a richly received suggestion and one we heartily endorse.

    WorldWind is, and always has been, there in the spirit of the NASA motto 'for the benefit of all.'

    The more you can do with it the better and I suspect we will all learn from this activity. But most of all we want to see the world flexing its ^shared^ muscle in ways that advance core technology to better serve all of our interests, in the most collective and collaborative way possible.

    Thank you for your efforts! We both celebrate and wish to serve them.


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      I agree and I think that this could be really a good idea. I have just foked today the project and added support to http redirection handling and starting to support proxy authentication. Does this community fork yet exist? You can check redirection handling here commit 7eaf3916


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        The fork doesn't exist yet. I created a github issue for this (see: Feel free to comment there with any ideas that you may have. I also think a community fork is needed seeing as a lot of code will never be merged into the official branch.


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          I support a community fork too, but I think we need another project for a "Community Application" exposing all the world wind layers (open source one of course) in an user friendly way (with visual panels for layers configuration).
          My proposition will be to have a sort of "NasaEarth" (or WorldWindEarth...) which will be the counter part to "GoogleEarth" which will centralize all available useful layers in one application.

          Here some thoughts about this application
          - Using "World Wind Community edition" as main SDK
          - Exposing all open source layers (with possibilities to add new public/private repositories URLs)
          - Adding, removing layers for the current user session
          - Configuring (visual GUI) selected layers
          - Save of the current configuration/layers states on local home folder
          - Started with JavaWebStart
          - ...

          I have already done such an approach for a commercial product, but I love to have the same in an open-source oriented project...

          Is my proposition worth exploring ?


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            A WorldWindEarth project sounds like a great idea. However, I think the WorldWind community fork needs to stay as an SDK. Like you mentioned, I think the WorldWindEarth project could use the WorldWind community edition as its base SDK. Any useful tools or dialogs such as the visual GUI to configure layers could be a welcome addition in the community edition. The community edition will be very open in terms of accepting contributions.


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              I have read on other post the same suggestion to have a "Reference Application" (which I will call "WorldWindEarth" ), but has anybody worked on this application ?
              The forum discussion about this subject seems quit old, and there is no more activity there...


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                I think you can look at EarthSci (see:


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                  Wow! Mighty cool! Beautifully breezy! And plenty powerful! From the land down under!

                  I hear that ANU is helping GA move their data into access by Web World Wind as part of the enterprise.


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                    The discussion continues at:


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                      Just a heads-up to anyone that comes across this:

                      The community-fork of WorldWindJava has been created at:
                      thanks to Bruce Schubert.

                      Please feel free join in and contribute. We need all the help we can get to make this a success.


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                        This is great! Do you think it'll use its own servers for the imagery/place names/elevations?


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                          We will probably switch the imagery / place names and elevations over to the alternative servers. You'll see a list of the resources that Patrick Hogan posted near the end of the discussion if you look at the GitHub issue page for the community-fork. These are the links of interest: