We have just finished creating a .NET wrapper library for the full World Wind Java SDK. Together with a custom Windows Forms control, it allows the embedding and use of the current World Wind Java SDK from within .NET Forms applications. We developed this for an interested party and I thought I'd ask here whether others are also interested in this functionality. Fair warning, it is a commercial, non-free (as in beer) product.

The integration is extremely tight. The .NET runtime loads a a JVM into the process and delegates all .NET World Wind calls to the underlying Java World Wind types via JNI. A screenshot of a demo that hosts a WorldWindowGLCanvas in a .NET form is at http://codemesh.com/products/worldwind. 64-bit mode is recommended though it should work in 32-bit mode as well. I'd be happy to make the libraries and demo available for evaluation.

I would of course be delighted to win customers for this product, but I am also interested in feedback. Is this type of integration perceived as useful by the World Wind community?