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New versions of WorldWind are now available

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  • New versions of WorldWind are now available

    Recent forum post of Web WorldWind:

    The NASA WorldWind team is happy to announce that a new version of WorldWind Java is now available on GitHub. The new version of WorldWind Java focuses on upgrading to Java 11 and JOGL 2.4 as well as a switch to the Apache 2.0 license. WorldWind's API remains largely unchanged in this release and we are committed to maintaining a consistent API in future releases.

    The prior release of WorldWind Java, v2.1.0, was compiled with Java 8. The decision was made to upgrade WWJ to Java 11 based on questionable support options for Java 8 at the time. This situation has evolved over time and we are evaluating whether a Java 8 version of WWJ is desirable. Your feedback is welcome.

    Migrating to Java 11 and JOGL 2.4 went relatively smoothly. Primary areas of work:
    • The package names for JOGL have changed although the API remains relatively consistent.
    • Creating work alike code to replace the use of unpublished JRE APIs that now throw an access exception. For example, setting the java library path system property. Discussions around the types of changes that need to be made when moving from 8 to 11 are broadly available on the Web.
    • Removing deprecated functionality like WebStart, Applets and WebView.

    -Confesor Santiago
    NASA WorldWind Team

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    This is great. For those (like me) that still need Java 8 compatibility, I found this fork that has Java 8 compatibility:


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      Would be nice if the team also could create a new release post in the "WWJ Release Announcements".